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Sow in spring to grow in summer, harvest in autumn for storage in winter.
And Autumn Equinox has given way to Cold Dew now.
We have finished reaping the corn, grain, pumpkins, and peanuts,
ready to await the frost and snow in winter.
For the past Mid-Autumn Day, my cousin and cousin-in-law came back to spend the festival with granny.
Chitter-chatter, lively and jolly--that’s how festivals should be!
忙完玉米 谷子 南瓜 花生的收获存储之后
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Your basically a princess, I love you and your content so much
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Perfeitos os seus vídeos !!! Parabéns !!! Sou de Papucaia - RJ , Brasil !!! 🇧🇷
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those fast foward is really annoy me, i know they use the fast forward to brush of the haters who keep saying that they faking of making those rice or whatever it is who cares about that stuff??? even though that the production team making those beatiful shot and angle, there is still will be haters huh
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legend has it that a girl like her is worth more than gold and silver combine.
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بی نظیره این دختر
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1000多萬觀看 每部影片收益1萬美元 30萬台幣 7.5萬人民幣 不加廣告....好猛
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Traditional chinese cooking is fascinating. Most western cooking i can imagine the taste but with the ingredients used here i just have no idea what this might taste like, really interesting
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عرفكم واخا مكينين في تعلاقات راكم حاضرين غير متابعين فصمت ههههه
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I don't wanna be lazy anymore
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Лизинга,ты лучшая!!!!Смотреть на тебя, одно удовольствие!Я успокаивают,когда смотрю твои видео!! Золотые ручки!Можно смотреть на тебя без конца!Желаю тебе дальнейшей счастливой жизни!Ты потрясающая девушка!
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Perfectly splendid ☺️
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很荣幸在路过时见到一段美丽的戏剧般的视频。 我不知道什么是摄像机 看起来如此清晰和稳定。 希望您在未来的生活中充满快乐🌷 13.1Mth👣
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I know this kind of pastoral life is hard work and not as dreamish as this makes it seem... But man it makes me want to just start fresh somewhere with little to no technology beyond what's necessary to care for my plants and animals and listen to music. It's like a Ghibli movie in real life, like Totoro.
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Aqui de novo assistindo essa maravilhosa!
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Ho deciso: ci sposiamo a Natale, preparo tutto io.
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親愛的李子淇,我最近遇到你,你使我的生活變得如此美麗!今年早些時候,我親愛的父親在我面前死了。他是我的磐石,我的英雄。我很沮喪,失去時感到難過。我有四個孩子,其中兩個因為誤解而沒有跟我說話...我了解痛苦以及痛苦如何壓倒您的心臟。但是要知道,您創造的一切每天都會帶給我美麗,舒適與和平。當我終於可以放鬆身心時,我打開您的精彩視頻,讓自己迷失了自己的魔力。你是如此有才華,才華橫溢,如此驚人,你激勵著我繼續做我欣賞的事情!我已經學會了很難的方法,即使您做對了,SOMEONE也會遇到問題。 仍然想睡覺的人仍在詛咒完美的日出! 您擁有忠實,熱愛和理解的追隨者,您只需要針對他們。忽略他人,無論這樣做有多麼困難。您永遠不會取悅他們,因為他們不想得到快樂!首先,要照顧好自己。如果您發布的視頻不多,我們將了解。我們關心您,您的健康和內心的平靜,更不用說您的家人了。祝福您親愛的女人,告訴我們我們如何可以幫助您! 我已經將您的頻道介紹給了我的許多家人和朋友,我們都愛護和支持美國,也許您會考慮製作自己的生活紀錄片,並向世界展示您的工作方式!考慮一下? 來自哥倫比亞的祝福和愛, 杰弗裡·😊😊😊😊😊
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Вот токое жену 😍хочу
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Почему нет деталей рецептов?? Как же я хочу это попробовать ухх)))) Как все аппетитно. Природа просто космос. Снято великолепно.
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I feel so relex to watch this video
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Her videography skills tho omg ..😩
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I love this video, so cool
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Orang Indonesia mana ni😂😂
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Amazing liziqi ❤ loads of love from PAKISTAN 🇵🇰
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А что это красное фиолетовое она молотила?
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this is one of those videos humans actually want to be remembered by
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Beautiful cook.
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You are a strong woman ..
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Liziqi fans❤️
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She is an actress and she is not done all work by her and only showing thal work done by this but it's false it's her video not real life ok
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Congratulations to Ms. Li Ziqi. Your channel has reached 13 millions fans worldwide. You inspire so many lives. 👍💪🙏
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You have any job vacancy please contact me I'm ready to come 😭🙏
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Оргазм для глаз
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Congratulations for 13M subscribers 🥳
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We love Liziqi channel From India 🇮🇳 Malluzz com on 😎
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من هونا من لعرب ☹️☹️💔
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سلام عليكم انا أحببت هادهي القناة. 🌺👍. أرجو منكم أن تزورونا قناتي وتدعاموني🙏
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you made me sis what a amazing vlog!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤗
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الفيديوات هاي تنطي طاقه ايجابيه وارتاح من اشوفهه
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Не досмотрела до не конца т.к.не понятно что за урожай она собрала, только разглядела земляные орехи, тыкву и горох. А, да и рис и что за каши готовила не понятно, поэтому не интересно, а так девочка молодец приучена к труду и чувствуется, что делает работу с настроением и ей это нравится.
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🙏 where you from which country
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Who is LiZiQi? Full Story
426firefly 5 jam yang lalu
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Невозможно эстетично. Десятки раз в процессе просмотра тянулась что-то откомментить. Хоть форум создавай с наличием осведомлённых консультантов...
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Please don't put adds in between u r videos it ruiens it's esthatic
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Có ai ng vn hong z ta....
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@謝劍龍 你真是獨具慧眼啊! 全球幾千萬雙眼睛,看了數十億次觀看量,硬是沒人像你一樣看出來,厲害!
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@Singing Bird 不真實,只能說明世上sx多
Singing Bird
Singing Bird 3 jam yang lalu
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I don't know how chinese can access youtube
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@V Tran is there any sanctions for that?in advance.Sorry for my bad English
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Via vpn.
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Absolutely amazing. What skills. Beautiful.
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How did she get the camera up there and keep it so stable at 8:35?
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No words to express my feeling wheil I am watching your all vedios
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MashaAllah 💜💙
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is there any
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Proud of you..From-mizoram.
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You're so amazing 🥺💜🥰
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Lot's of love from Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh, India 🙂🙏💜.
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Good video! 😁 For growth organically go here to see how -----> #InteractAndGrow2020 😇
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Would such a girl exist or not ???
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Who is LiZiQi? Full Story
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what kind of plant is in 9:13? i saw that on DEMON SLAYER😳
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The name of the flower is Lycoris radiata (Spider Lily)
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Amudha R 8 jam yang lalu
❤️❤️so much My sister
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내 꿈은훌륭하다 8 jam yang lalu
Amazing 👏😍
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Payel. Chanda
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Ơ hoa bỉ ngạn ?? Ôi
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Siz okadar doğalsinizki hayranlikla takipteyimm
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จุก จงเจริญ 9 jam yang lalu
高茂远 9 jam yang lalu
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Nandani Sahay0082 9 jam yang lalu
बहुत अच्छा
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Fe Marticio 9 jam yang lalu
Wow amazing girl , everything are organized and clean especially when she cooked love it 😍
滿滿幸福 9 jam yang lalu
她這樣 還這麼白 也沒在遮或包的
Starfish In A Sandstorm
Starfish In A Sandstorm 9 jam yang lalu
Girl’s got good gourds.
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Elba Dilán 9 jam yang lalu
You're my idol
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mila Dewi 9 jam yang lalu
Selalu menampilkan yg istimewa
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Audrey Clarke 9 jam yang lalu
I love this young lady as if she is one of my daughters.. Smart, strong and absolutely awe-inspiring..thank you Liziqi
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Hiroshi Akiyama 9 jam yang lalu
Michellin is just waiting for you to make restaurant to give you three stars
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x 10 fab 9 jam yang lalu
19:46 I’m crying 🥺
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kiệt per 9 jam yang lalu
Việt Nam hello china
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Pakistan Lahore 10 jam yang lalu
I love you from Pakistan
Sungjem molier Sungjem molier
Sungjem molier Sungjem molier 10 jam yang lalu
I watch ziqi's video when i was 10 and now I'm 13💖
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Norma Del Valle Alcaraz 10 jam yang lalu
amo esos videos, me encantaria si se pudiera traducir en español, bendiciones
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1 tỷ like👍👍👍👍
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عبير عبدالله 10 jam yang lalu
في عرب هنا شي 🌝👉😬
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Who likes liziqi recipes
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What is real name ??
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